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Polish Hearts Review 2023

Polish Hearts Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Security and Safety Policies;
  • Ability to check the list of members for non-registered users (the advanced search though is available to registered members);
  • Free Polish Hearts mobile version on Google Play;
  • The largest contingent of Poles among all dating sites.
  • Accessing Premium Membership is expensive;
  • No match recommendations.

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An acclaimed Polish source Polish Hearts dating site has been on the market for quite a while. Polish Hearts Review offers a summary of all the pros and cons that a user will encounter on this platform. Since the time of its launch, Polish Hearts has been building up certain values and standards. Promoting healthy relationships, providing equality to all the users, and for sure customer service made the site a kind of paradise for lonely Polish Hearts. Every Polish Hearts Review and user feedback always mentions the level of care that the site exhibits towards customers.

Polish Hearts is a platform used by people globally. Most parts of the users come from the UK, the US, Germany, and Poland. For those living far from home, dating is one of the crucial obstacles on the way to personal happiness. Launching of Polish Hearts has been met with the open arms since people working away have been struggling a lot with finding soulmates abroad. As a result, the members of the site are so different and describing them with one word is next to impossible. Some users come to the site to find a Polish wife, and some want to go back to their roots and get to know the Polish culture.

Polish Hearts Review contains everything one needs to know about navigating on the website. Whether you are a native Pole or an admirer of Polish beauty, the doors are always open. Polish Hearts Review opens the book of Polish dating to every eager reader.

Polish Hearts Review

What are the values and standards Polish Hearts is Promoting?

As it was said once by a great poet, love knows no boundaries and has no schedule. Whether it is a winter blaze or sand storm, Polish Hearts keep working 24/7 maintaining the user’s conversations and support. The motto of the website is to unite people of Polish descent. Not that the site is looking for Polish only. See it from a different perspective. You can find most of the Polish sweethearts on this website. The name of the site is very self- explanatory. However, know that whether you are in Poland or Argentina, Polish Hearts are accepting encouraging diversity. As an effort of helping Poles around the world unite, Polish Hearts founders made a platform that serves as a communication hub. Whatever country a person lives in, it often happens that they look for a partner of the same nationality. It happened that by registering at the website people found not only romantic relationships but friendships.

Is PolishHearts a Legit Dating Agency?

Almost every website online claims to protect user privacy. To assess whether these statements are true, the user needs to look at certain characteristics. Polish Hearts dating service seems to have everything covered in terms of user data protection. First of all, Polish Hearts uses secure cookies. Besides protecting the account data like password and personal information, the hidden financial transactions are also banned. The site is working with payments since users are able to buy memberships and other services. Hence, secure payment is guaranteed. Another reason why the site is secure is being freed from mixed content. It means that no eavesdropper can get on the site’s page and peep into the details of user profiles.

One more proof of Polish Hearts safety is the procedure of deleting the account. Unlike many dating sites, in case you decide to get rid of the account, all the data will be destroyed. Assuming the user wants to be active again, the registration will be needed. Unless the account was frozen temporarily due to inactivity.

A widespread issue related to scamming online happens when fake accounts are created. The existence of fake accounts on the website is treated as an alert. Polish Hearts users moderators as a countermeasure. The registration procedure requires the profile to go through verification to ensure its validity.

Is PolishHearts a Legit Dating Agency?

Who uses the website most?

Polish Hearts dating site is used in every corner of the globe. However, there are areas where its popularity is on the peak. Among these countries are Germany, Poland, Austria, the UK, the USA, and Ireland. Most of the users reside in the USA but are of Polish origin.

The percentage of males and females equates to 2:3. This number stands out among other websites where the percentage of females is much greater. Somehow the platform is found equally attractive by both genders.

The total number of users is fluctuating at around 1.6 million people. The average age category is 35 y.o. The daily activity of the users is displayed in the top left corner of the main page. You can see how many registered users are there and how many are online.

Stats on Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is indicated in every profile. When a new user registers he/she indicates the gender and the preference as to the gender of a future match.

Polish Hearts is endorsing diversity. There are no limitations as to gender, race or ethnicity.

Stats on Sexual Orientation

Age Categories

In general, the distribution of age & gender is following:

  • 18 – 25 y.o – 10 %(4% females)
  • 26 – 35 y.o. – 25 % (15 % females)
  • 36 – 45 y.o. – 40 % (20 % females)
  • 50 + – 25 % (10 % females)

The average profile found at Polish Hearts online is a male in his 30s – 40s looking for a relationship of a serious or semi-serious type. All the standard options for selecting a relationship type are represented at Polish Hearts as well.

The unique feature of Polish Hearts is a gender distribution. The website is almost equally used by males and females, disregarding their location.

How does Sign-Up Process & Login Info Work?

There are several ways of registering at Polish Hearts dating service.

  • Click “Registration” located on the main page on the top left of the screen.
  • “My Account” will take the existing user to the sign-in process, and a new one to the registration form.
  • Log in button in the right top corner. The button offers to log in or reset the password.
  • Log in as well as the registration at Polish Hearts is possible using a Facebook account.

The registration form contains a couple of questions:

  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Email, password, username.

After the registration form is filled in, the user is offered a disclaimer which enables the notification from the website.

How does Sign-Up Process & Login Info Work?

Profile Setting Up

The registration form on the main page of Polish Hearts is a quick questionnaire. In general, the profile is not very informative, yet contains all the key information.

The user profile contains the section About Me with the standard categories like gender, age, marital status, birthday, appearance and character, interests and preferences (Looking for).

  • Only a couple of pictures can be uploaded;
  • Limited amount of information on the profile;
  • A profile can be frozen or deleted;
  • Photos from the profile not hidden from the public eye
  • Profile verification procedure
  • Nickname is fixed and cannot be edited

The safety policies allow one user to have one account only. It is recommended to indicate valid contact information at the stage of registration. Validation of your account will be conducted via email, hence make sure you have access to it. Uploading inappropriate photos is prohibited and might serve as a reason to delete the account. The profile does not need to be filled fully with the information, but the details you provide should be real.

In case any additional questions not covered in Polish Hearts review appear, the user can address support in section Contact on the main page of the site. The option takes you to the email writing section. The support agent will reply within the next 24 hours after receiving the email.

Сommunication with Other Users

Polish Hearts users communicate through emails, messages, or gifts. Access to these options depends on the membership type.

Standard or Free account Users

Messaging is not available for these users. They can send winks or other reactions, but in general, the means of communication are limited. There is a hint though. In case the other user adds the free account user to the VIP list, messaging will instantly become unlimited and free.

For the users with the membership, whether Premium or any other, all the messaging options are open. The conclusion is that standard membership in a way disables a successful communication. At least Premium membership is needed to operate on the website.

Messages users exchange are not checked but in case they contain any unlawful information, the user should complain to the site or use the button Block/ Blacklist.

Profile Setting Up

PolishHearts Interface & Usability

Polish Hearts online works on desktop and mobile. Both are compatible with all devices.

Features of Desktop Version

The desktop version of Polish Hearts dating is a navy blue website with a simple interface. The main page of the website contains all the relevant information. It is informative for a beginner. For a registered customer, it has convenient options for logging in with Facebook.

The landing page contains all the introductory sections. What stands out right away is a Quick Search section. Using the search a non – registered user can look up the profiles on the website. The Quick search is basic, it contains age, gender and photo filters. For the advanced search, the user should be registered.

Features of App

Polish Hearts mobile is compatible with Android and can be installed from Google Play. It is a basic app. No sophisticated features are included, but enough to perform the basic messaging and navigating on the website. On the positive side, the app does not eat into the memory of the device much, it is only 3 MB in size. Besides, it is free to use. Although the app functionality can be rated as 3 out of 5 and needs improvement, it is still widely used.

The level of complexity of the website can be defined as simple. To navigate the site the user needs the Login option located in the right top corner. Two buttons are conveniently placed under the login option. These are resetting the password and remembering the login information buttons. The password protection is guaranteed by the website. No third parties have access to the personal information in the profiles of the users.

For those interested in terms of use of the website, all the sections on security and privacy are located on the bottom.

Polish Hearts Membership Fees

Polish Hearts Review

Premium Membership fee depends on the duration with 1 month ($19.99), 3 months ($25.98), 6 months ($40.02), and 12 months ($60).

Polish Hearts VIP membership 1 month ($19.99), 3 months ($25.98), 6 months ($40.02), and 12 months ($60).

A mix of Premium and VIP membership costs 1 month ($36.99), 3 months ($45.99), 6 months ($64.98), and 12 months ($99.96).

Polish Hearts Review provides a list of basic prices. To find more services & fees refer to the website.

The prices of Polish Hearts services are of a medium range. It is beneficial that the options are provided and the user can select the affordable package.

Benefits of Paid vs Free accounts

The benefits of paid membership are in unlocking a set of functions that makes the experience of communicating at the website smoother.

Polish Hearts dating services are accessible depending on the type of membership the user has. Some services go for free and some advanced are paid. The list of free services is comprised of:

  • Profile registration
  • Uploading a Photo
  • Sending reactions to people’s profiles
  • Saving other profiles

For the users with the membership of a Premium standard or any paid membership some additional services will become available:

  • Messaging
  • Adding people to VIP or BlackList
  • Adding more photos to Gallery
  • The list of people who looked/ saved your profile

Polish Hearts membership types have certain peculiarities. While standard free membership is enough to use basic website functions, the paid accounts seem to be more comprehensive.

Payment Protocols

Polish Hearts payment transactions are automatic and protected. A couple of payment options are available, so any payment system the user has will work.

Payment Systems

Three options can be used to purchase the membership or any services at the website Bank Transfer, Direct Debit or Card.

Payment systems

What are the guarantees of Safety & Security?

The safety aspect at Polish Hearts is secured by the team of moderators and administrators. After creating a profile on the website, the user is waiting for its approval by the representative of Polish Hearts. After logging in a new user might notice that the profile is still signed as inactive. It means it is still being reviewed by the moderators.

The website cooperates with a couple of payment systems, hence it meets the standards of the reliable sites. Purchasing services and memberships are legal. The official receipt is sent to the user’s email every time any purchase is completed.

Communication between users is regulated by the moderators as well. In case a user notices spam, harassment, offensive content or suspicious account they can blacklist the profile or block it. Also, it is possible to file a complaint. The site specialist on risk control will look into the issue within a couple of business days and send the reply. The user’s accounts can be deleted or suspended by the moderators in case they conduct inappropriately.

A couple of tips that a user can use to protect personal data on the website:

  • Polish Hearts allows using a nickname instead of the full name
  • Personal information like a place of work and residence should not be indicated anywhere on your public profile
  • A password used for logging in to the website should be unique and not coincide with the password to your payment systems
  • A website is not saving passwords to any other apps on your device. If you are using someone’s device to enter the website, remember to log out
  • Website is not sending any spam emails requesting your private payment details and if such are received they should be disregarded
  • Polish Hearts is not requesting any of your private financial details. In case a user is forcing you into it, terminate communication and block/ blacklist the account. Remember to complain to the website about the user as well
  • Polish Hearts is constantly working on updating the security policies but users are encouraged to use common sense and be careful as well.

Scam Prevention

Scamming online is a quite widespread issue. A lot of hackers are targeting dating sites intending to collect private information. Polish Hearts profile does not require sharing any details about the personality. Even the name can be replaced with the nickname in case the user desires to protect the privacy. The messages are not saved at the server, so the conversations with other users are private and cannot be disclosed to any third parties.

Polish Heart risk team is actively fighting the scammers with constant profile monitoring. First of all, they look at the blacklists created by other users and complaints filed. Then random checks are taking place to ensure that all profiles are verified and valid.

Scam Prevention

What about Special Features?

Polish Hearts dating site is more than messaging and emailing each other. To enrich the communication it provides some perks. Special features come in handy in moments when a person lacks confidence and hesitates about their potential match. Since the website does not provide the match recommendations, the user might be struggling as to whom to text. With that issue in mind, the following features were added.

  • Sending reactions and gift. For the members who are on standard membership, these will be the only means of interaction with other users on the website.
  • Blacklisting. For the sake of security mainly, but also for the user’s convenience, the button to put a profile into a blacklist was added.
  • Saved profiles (Remembered vs Who Remembered Me). After looking at dozens of profiles, you might lose the track of pages. If you saw someone but still hesitate whether you want to text them, simply memorize the profile and address it later.
  • VIP. The user with a standard membership cannot text other users. Unless they are added to a VIP list. VIP list is available for the users who purchased Premium and VIP memberships.
  • Visitors. Every user can see the list of people who took a glance at their profile.


Polish immigration to the USA started back in the 19th century. Currently, there are about 10 million people who identify themselves as Polish Americans. These numbers represent Poles who live in America, but the amount of Polish people around the globe is greater. Polish Hearts was created to help Poles and the next generations of Poles who might have citizenship in other countries, reconnect with their roots. Not only dating but friendships are possible with Polish Hearts online services.

With the free features on the website, the user has a chance to peep into the pool of singles that use the website. Paid memberships are created for those who have serious intentions of starting a relationship and do not want to mess around. In a way, this strategy is beneficial for users. Polish Hearts designers state that the website has assisted many couples to create families, in many cases international families. The proof of its effectiveness can be traced in the inspirational feedback that users provide.

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