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MyLOL Review 2021

MyLOL Review 2021
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 13-20
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 10
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Amazing features
  • Most features on MyLOL online platform is available for free.
  • The registration process is simple and fast.
  • Free registration
  • Browsing profiles and photo galleries are free.
  • You can log in with Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Too many fake profiles
  • Suspicious behaving members
  • Despite promoting to be a free platform, certain premium features come at a price.
  • Age restrictions
  • Verification is not compulsory.

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What Do We Know About MyLOL?

What Do We Know About MyLOL?

MyLOL Review opens up about a platform created exclusively for teenagers in the name of a dating website. More than a dating platform, the website is a networking site for teens from across the world. People can use the platform to connect with people of their age group globally. And of course, meet and hangout as well. The dating website is primarily known to be free of cost, but MyLOL review has something else to offer. Certain features come at a cost. And this is the very reason why it’s essential to dig in a little bit more to find out how MyLOL truly is as a dating website.

Is MyLOL A Fake Dating Website?

Is MyLOL A Fake Dating Website?

The MyLOL dating website is a legit website that is quite popular amongst teens, mainly because it comes with the tag of a dating platform. But despite being a teenage dating platform, there is no guarantee if the users are teens or not. The website lacks a strict verification process, which is a necessity because it deals with the underage audience. The lack of moderation is the main reason behind the number of controversies that involved MyLOL.

It is undoubtedly not a platform that parents allow their children, but that is precisely why they get attracted to MyLOL. While the app is fun and great for networking and making new friends, many real members have fallen prey to pedophiles. Although MyLOL is a legit website that does not use the member’s profile information anywhere, sharing personal information with other members may not be safe.

Type Of Members Seen On The Dating Platform

The popularity of the MyLOL dating platform is pretty amazing. And the size that we are calling amazing is more than 3,00,000 people. But it remains questionable how many of them fall on the real side of the audience. While the quantity is enormous, the quality is what has fetched controversies to the platform. Considering the location, just like its age segment, the place of the users does not seem to be varied as well. Despite claiming to be an app for teens to connect on a global scale, it has failed to reach out to a few countries.

The majority and rather a huge number of people belong from a few countries alone. We got to see the popular locations while doing the MyLOL review. Many users are from the United Kingdom or the United States. Another considerable number of members registered from two other countries- Australia and Canada. Although there are people from other countries as well, the numbers are inconsiderable.

What Are The Sexual Preferences Of The Members?

Despite calling itself a dating platform for teenagers, let us not forget that MyLOL mobile is mostly a networking place for the young crowd. However, the excitement around the term attracts many teenagers who try to explore their sexuality. While most people are straight, there is a certain group of people who may be confused and learning about their preferences. Meeting people through MyLOL online and talking to yet others make many teens find out their real sexuality. While this doesn’t seem to be a problem in general, fake profile users taking undue advantage of the vulnerable teens is.

For Which Age Is This Place?

MyLOL online is a strictly teenage platform, so the minimum age one has to be in 13 years, and the maximum is 19. No one below 13 and above 19 can use the dating platform that is exclusive for the teens. Sticking to the age group makes the website unique in its way. The vibe, culture, and even the conversations can be connected with by the people of the same age group. However, there is no process in the MyLOL dating website that verifies that the age mentioned on the website is true.

The Simple & Quick Registration Process

The Simple & Quick Registration Process

The sign-up process is one of the simplest. While one can use their email ids to register and login, the MyLOL hookup site also offers a few alternatives. One can use a quicker login process using their social accounts like Twitter or Facebook. The social integration makes the registration fast and skips even the basic steps that would otherwise be required when you are using your email id for the sign-up. The teenager is then required to enter his or her name, age, and location.

Although MyLOL online does take the user to a more complicated and time taking step for profile set up and verification, the steps thankfully can be skipped with a click. One can register on the platform anytime using the app or the desktop version of the dating site. Also, to everyone’s relief, the sign-up process is free of cost. There are no necessary steps involved to get started with the dating platform and start networking. Maybe that’s why it has successfully attracted such a large number of teenagers rather than scaring them away.

How To Make A Profile?

How To Make A Profile?

Making a profile on the MyLOL hookup site is, again, very simple. The one thing that we came to realize while doing the MyLOL Review was that everything on the dating site is kept very, very simple. And not to forget, most of the steps come with a skip button. And yet, that doesn’t affect the usability of the app in the wrong way. For example, the registration involves very few steps that can get skipped and chosen to go for the social login. When using the social login method, the user gets to select whether or not to use the same username as on their social media profile for the MyLOL mobile profile.

If a person chooses to go with the same name, then even that little work is avoided. Next comes the most basic effort required by the user. Setting up a profile doesn’t include many steps. While browsing through the accounts on the website, one can notice that there isn’t much information to show to the members. There is only name, age, and location along with a short description, which in most cases, is blank. But there is another thing that genuinely makes browsing on MyLOL online interesting. It is the photo gallery of each member. Now, these are the same fields that we come across while setting up our profiles. While the necessary information like name, age, and location are taken right away at the time of registration, the rest is left. In case you are planning to go for the social login process, then the necessary information will be dragged out of your social media accounts as well.

It leaves you good to go to the next step that involves a little effort. While setting up the profile, you need to write a small essay about yourself. You can write anything from your likes-dislikes to your requirements, or even a movie dialogue. The idea is to attract. As this is the only section that calls for your time and effort, you can use this section and make it enjoyable. However, most people fail to use it and instead do nothing with it because there is an attractive skip button that comes with space.

While that finishes off the writing part on the profile setup, the most exciting part is left still. It is the step that involves uploading your photos. You can upload as many photographs as you want, and if you are using social login, then you may choose social integration. The social integration allows you to take photos from your Twitter or Facebook account, directly making the process much easier and faster.

Making New Contacts

Making new contacts on the MyLOL hookup site is pretty fun. The website offers quite some options to its users to find and connect with interesting teens. For instance, there is the Shout page that allows the users to put status. The status of the members is visible to everyone on the website. They can be used as a point of attraction and conversation starters and, most importantly, as the point of discoveries.

Apart from the Shouts, there is a search bar that anyone can use to find out people of a specified kind or from a particular location. But finding a person is only the first step; the real connection starts with messaging, which on MyLOL mobile is thankfully free. But there is a catch; the person you are texting shouldn’t have changed settings to bar random people from texting. And while one can have fun using the teen language with emoticons and gifs on messages, there is yet another way to find & connect with new people.

Members on the platform have the leverage to join or make as many chat rooms as possible and share the link. Despite there being restrictions on certain words on the platform, kids on MyLOL mobile easily tweak them for attention. Naming the chatrooms with explicit words excites more teenagers and attracts them to join the chatroom. Due to the lack of moderation, a lot of fake accounts and misbehaving teenagers getaway after promoting inappropriate age-sensitive topics and content on the platform that deals with minors.

Which Device To Use?

Which Device To Use?

You can use both a desktop and a mobile app. Below, you can know more information about it.

Access The Teen Dating Website On Your Desktop

Many teens find more comfort using the desktop than a phone because of not having a good smartphone. The desktop version of MyLOL dating saves the teens with a similar problem from not being able to join a sprawling community of people of their age. The desktop version particularly helps kids without a smartphone from feeling missed out. The functions and the features remain the same on both the app and the desktop version. And it rather allows kids to sneak some time out from their tasks and projects while their parents are away without taking their phone and attracting attention.

Explore The Platform Through A Mobile App

The MyLOL mobile app is available for download on both Google Play and iTunes. For more relief, the app, just like the website, is free to use, even for download. The design, if we talk about it, is kept simple and sleek and yet stylish to attract the target audience of the app that is the teens. In particular, the app adds convenience in its functionalities, which otherwise is the same as the website. The app additionally works for teens whose desktops are under parental control. The app has no naughty name and remains discreet with a simple logo. Without attracting much attraction from the outsiders, the app does make being a member of the platform easy and comfortable.

The Look & Feel Of The Platform

The design, features, and interface, everything about the MyLOL platform, are kept very sleek and quirky. There is nothing formal about the platform and yet nothing messy. It is quite essentially simple with a cool look. The app looks better because of the short space and better arrangements that look good on the eye, but even the website looks fine. On our MyLOL Review, we couldn’t help but mention an interestingly interactive interface. If you think that was a cool alliterative compliment, then it is because of the vibe we got at the platform.

Finding something is as easy as a breeze. The interface is not intimidating. The platform’s design, both for the app and the desktop website, keeps the age group in mind. And while we know that this age group is the smartest when trying new things, the makers still did not take risks. Rather, they gave the teenagers in the app interesting features as compensation for keeping things as simple and accessible as possible. All features are right in front so that no member on the platform misses out on any free or paid feature. Discovering features and functions on the dating platform is the last thing you will find difficulty in doing.

Type Of Members Seen On The Dating Platform

Cost Of A Premium Membership On MyLOL

MyLOL Subscription Plans
Duration Price Cost Per Month
One week $3.95
One month $9.95 $9.95
Three months $20.85 $6.95
Six months $29.70 $4.95

When we say MyLOL is an exciting dating platform, we mean it. Firstly the prices are incredibly affordable, which is a necessity for the platform as the users of the website are not even adults. So the probability of them spending on a platform like this is very small. But keeping pocket-friendly prices helps. However, most features that are needed for dating and connecting with other users on the platform come for free. There are only very few premium features that require to be rented or, in other words, subscribed. While we discuss the premium features in the next section, there is something that needs to get mentioned here.

It is the credits. Unlike other dating platforms, this one allows its users to earn credits by doing small tasks. The platform gifts a pre-decided number of credit coins to the users for completing specific required tasks. The functions, if you are worried about, are simple and fun. For example, voting on a user photograph can fetch you five credits. There are different numbers assigned for similar tasks, for example, sharing on social media. One can exchange the credits for premium features of the dating app.

Also, not to forget, there are additional taxes added to the price of the subscription. Various coupons and promo codes save users from paying for the extra cost. One can find the list of promo codes for discounted charges from app purchases on the website’s payment page or the app itself. One can even see the coupons on the social media account of MyLOL mobile from time to time.

What Do You Need To Pay For?

This question becomes a valid one, especially after knowing that most website features are available at no cost. So with our MyLOL Review, we show you what are the additional features one needs to pay for on the app.

Paid Features:

  • Find the names of the sneaky users who visit your profile.
  • Check whether a user you messaged didn’t read your message or avoiding you with message receipts.
  • Find out the members who are interested in meeting you.
  • Give your profile a boost and rank on the search results.

Free Features:

  • Adding members to your list of favorites or friends
  • Messaging
  • Joining chatrooms
  • Creating chatrooms
  • Posting status with shouts
  • Using the search tool

How To Purchase A Subscription Plan

Buying a subscription plan is easy, and why won’t it be considering the app’s target audience. All one needs to do is go to the payment page and select whichever plan the user wants. Move to the next step, where the user is required to add a promotional code. Adding a promo code isn’t compulsory, but it doing so may discount the additional taxes on the price. The promo codes are mostly available on the payment page itself. After applying the code, if the user has it (or in the other case, just skip), move to the next step where the user is required to pay. If you are purchasing, then you will get options; you need to choose the most convenient method to pay. The next step involves entering the details and completing the transaction. A confirmation popup is what ends the process.

Mode Of Payments You Can Use

There are two payment methods that members of the MyLOL app or website can use to purchase the subscription plans. Like most other dating websites, this one allows Credit Cards as well. But it offers an additional method, which is a PayPal account that serves as a better option for the young ones, as not many kids have access to credit cards.

What About User Safety?

MyLOL can be trusted with the user information, although it doesn’t ask for much. However, the users needn’t worry about the photographs they upload on the dating platform. Apart from being attacked by some pedophilia, there haven’t been any complaints about information leakage, which brings us to the lacking moderation on the platform that deals with minors. It puts them at the risk of being exploited by the wrong people.

Should You Be Scared Of Scamming?

Just like all other dating websites without a strict verification process, MyLOL is full of fake profiles. And because the platform is for kids, our MyLOL Review finds warning kids about meeting the wrong people and not trusting strangers with their personal information of utmost necessity.

The Features You Should Keep An Eye For

The platform is one of the coolest places for networking and has some amazingly unique features to offer its users. Here is a list you might want to look at:

  • Shouts – Statuses
  • Voting – Makes many profile rank as the most popular members.
  • Chat Rooms – Creates a group of like-minded people.
  • Blog – Without writing anything explicit, these can be a good way to attract readers
  • Forum – Get seen and noticed by others by participating in popular threads of various forums
  • Restrictions On Photo Uploads – Each photograph that gets uploaded on the platform has to meet certain standards for approval and thus goes through a verification process.
  • Wrong Words – The platform does not approve of both pics and words that are age-sensitive and deletes them immediately, warning the user.
Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

MyLOL Review is suggestive that the platform in concern is a cool place for teenagers to make new friends in the name of dating in a fun way. With a sleek design and an interactive interface, the dating website wins the hearts of the kids easily. However, there remains a risk of being attacked by the wrong people. Due to the absence of a proper verification process, the website’s fun features make you forget all about it.

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