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On its first launch in 2009, Flirt was called EasyDate. The original name reflected even more on this website’s essence — that is, a chance to find casual NSA relationships and quick hookups. Later on, this service was acquired by a larger Cupid network and got even more exposure ever since. As of today, the site has over a million members in many countries of the world.

During its pretty long history — over ten years is a lot in the dating world — Flirt has gone through many transformations. For example, communication over their services was originally free for women and a paid one for men. Today, however, the service has premium plans for women and men alike — as they claim, due to security measures, but as we see it — because of the ever-growing emancipation wave. Whatever the real case may be, not all members took the change lightly, and now Flirt is offering a 3-day trial at a very symbolic cost. Besides, they fine-tuned their refund policy, so now it’s possible to get your money back practically for every service you’re not happy with.

During its years in the dating world, users have reported a lot of fake profiles on Flirt. The website management timely addressed this issue, and now this service has pretty sophisticated anti-scam policies. This is one of the major reasons that have allowed Flirt to stay afloat for such a long time. On top of that, this site constantly adds new features, making the whole service more engaging and interactive. Simply put, they keep fine-tuning their matchmaking algorithms, adding more play-like elements into their search system, and keeping their regular clients entertained.

Of course, anyone could give this dating site a heads up for keeping up with the time. Still, the truly important question is — how good is this site and how useful it is going to be for you, personally? Find out all you need to know about Flirt, its logic, features, and prices in our detailed review.

User stats and structure

User stats and structure

Over the years, Flirt has accumulated over a million users in its database. Some profiles are, of course, inactive by now, but still — user activity on Flirt is very impressive. Around 80 thousand unique users log in the service every week, and approximately a third of a total million users come from the US alone. The remaining part is scattered all around the globe. So, if you want to chat with other people casually, you will not have any boundaries when it comes to timezones and nationalities. When it comes to physical hookups, US locals probably have more chances than the rest — at least, statistically speaking.

When it comes to gender and age, this proportion is quite standard in comparison to the majority of dating sites. Most users are somewhere in between 20 and 35, and ladies’ accounts outnumber those of men by approximately 20%. It’s hard to say how many of those profiles feature actual information because sometimes you clearly see the discrepancies between a profile picture and the age stated below this picture (not to mention profiles with celebrity pics as main shots). Still, even despite this inaccuracy, one should not doubt the stats on gender and age proportion on Flirt — because they fall perfectly well with the most active online dating demographics.

Signing up the service

It does not take long to create a new profile with Flirt — even though the site still does not offer a Facebook or any other social media login. In a way, this is reasonable because no one wants to share their casual dates info with Facebook.

Still, even despite a classic email registration procedure, the whole thing never takes more than five minutes (sometimes, even less than that). After confirming your email address and entering the confirmation code you’ve received, you need to indicate your gender, age, sexual orientation, and location (with ZIP code). Technically, Flirt does not verify your ZIP code, so you can choose to post any location you like. However, when looking for actual physical dates, you’d better stick to your real geo-coordinates — because the site will consider your location in their matchmaking algorithms.

Making contact with other users

Making contact with other users

Just like many other commercial platforms over there, Flirt keeps most of its contacting options to paying members. In fact, Flirt seems to be urging into getting a paid subscription because it does allow a number of free messages to newly joined users. The trick is that only premium members can send and read messages on this platform. So, unless you hit a premium account with your five free messages, the recipients will not even be able to read your note.

If, on the other hand, you do hit a premium account and they can read/reply back, you will still need a paid membership plan by the time your free trial — three days tops — expires. The takeaway is that Flirt does make it difficult, next to impossible, to chat with other members without paying for membership.

However, it is possible to search for other people, view their profiles, and send winks — all free of charge. There are also fun elements in the website’s matchmaking system. People are shown a roulette-like screen with other users’ pictures. The goal is to either like or skip the accounts Flirt is showing you.

Another important thing about Flirt is that all interaction via this site is solely the user’s responsibility. While it is possible to report suspicious profiles to the support, and the site will look into this issue, no one will compensate any losses to users who got scammed. Well, frankly, this issue is logical — after all, security is each person’s individual concern. So, keep a clear head and do not allow anyone to make use of your generosity.

Profile quality and details

Flirt profiles are not very detailed, and the site tries to address this issue by making blank profiles completely invisible to other users. However, even profiles that have all obligatory fields filled out do not feature that much information. You only see the basics — age, gender, location, and sexual orientation. For more details, you will have to start an actual conversation.

Most matches are location-based. If you want to broaden or narrow down your geographic area, you can always do so in the account settings. It is possible to verify your account by calling site support. Given this site’s new anti-scam policies, any profiles that have been reported suspicious, undergo through a series of additional checks.

One more non-standard feature from Flirt is asking another user to fill in more profile details. But, of course, you should understand that such a request may, and usually will, go unnoticed. Users can see an online status under all account pics, so if you are in the mood for a quick chat, you can always check another person’s availability.

Website design and functionality

Flirt has a very clean and straightforward design, and anyone will have no trouble navigating around this platform. The header has only two sections — Search and Like Gallery — so getting lost would be rather challenging.

The search section comes with three tabs, showing all, currently online or new users. All user profiles will, later on, be displayed in a grid with their online status indicated in green. New users have a red mark on their profiles. Below user pics, there is the basic info with location — or, in this particular case, proximity to you. Under each photo, there are ‘chat’ and ‘wink’ buttons. As already mentioned, winks are free, but chats are not — even though newly registered members get five free messages.

The like gallery is a tab with all accounts you’ve liked through the matchmaking game. There are no sub-tabs at all. Bottom line, Flirt navigation is incredibly clear and intuitive.

Another tab you’ll see in the right corner of your account is “upgrade.” It will take you to a page where you can buy a premium membership. A separate chat button takes a user to their inbox with all of the previous conversations. Unread messages and other notifications will be shown in red bubbles with relevant numbers. Once again, everything is pretty standard and simple.

While there is no separate app for Flirt, this website is well-optimized for mobile and works bug-free on most devices. As one would expect, the same features available in the desktop browser can also be found in the mobile version of the site. All in all, we should give Flirt a heads up on neat design and simple navigation — even despite the absence of a dedicated app for iOS or Android.

Premium membership prices and features

Premium membership prices and features

You already understand that communication on Flirt is impossible without a paid membership, and the five trial messages will not get you far. Free users can sign up, look for other people’s profiles, and add users to their favorites list. They can also reply to messages sent by premium members.

In contrast to that, premium users can chat without any limits and make use of more advanced search filters to find prospective matches. In the chat room, they can send any files, photos & videos included. Besides, paid users get a better view of the other people’s pics because the photos become larger once you upgrade. Also, you can see a tab with ‘looking for’ info hidden from free members.

The costs of using Flirt vary depending on the term of your subscription. One month of chatting via the website cost $27.3, which is a bit higher than the market average. However, if you subscribe for half a year, this price drops significantly to just $12.27, billed as one single payment of $73.60. An in-between subscription type is three months for $45.90. This gives a monthly average of $15.30, which is also quite a reasonable offer.

Flirt accepts all major credit cards and does not advertise themselves on your credit card statement. The statement goes as “,” and we thank Flirt for discretion.

We already mentioned that originally Flirt’s services were free for ladies. This, however, led to the creation of multiple fake accounts, and now, Flirt forces everyone to pay for communication. Well, the company itself is not losing on this decision, but many non-fake users got a bit unhappy. To make up for this faux-pas, Flirt choose to offer a three-day trial for just $4.23. So, anyone can try this platform out for a very symbolic cost. Besides, three days should be more than enough to decide if you’re going to stay or go.

One more thing that deserves a separate mention is the website’s refund policy. If you can prove site admins that they did not deliver on their promises, the cost of a paid membership will be returned to you in full. However, the trick is to prove explicitly how this site did not deliver on your expectations.

User feedback and reception

Real users’ feedback on Flirt is mostly positive, even though a lot of ladies were really unhappy about the newly introduced paid memberships. For the guys, however, there never was too much difference — they had to pay all along. Most men using this service say that it’s possible to find real dates here. The bonus is that this site remains very casual, and both men and women know perfectly well why they are using Flirt and not any other platform.

Takeaway on Flirt

This is not a bad platform for casual dating, and the prices are within the average market limit — especially if you subscribe for more than one month. The site is easy to navigate, and they do everything in their power to ban fraudulent accounts. However, you should understand that no dating website is 100% secure from ill-intended people. So, use any online service wisely. If you do not share any financial or personal info and keep a clear head at all times, Flirt can be a great site to find casual friendships or hookups.